Friends of WCAC

Supporting Williamson County Animal Center

2014: Friends of WCAC was a supporter of state legislation that strengthens the penalties for spectators who attend an animal fight, such a dog fight or a cock fight in Tennessee. The bill became law in the summer of 2014.

2017: Friends of WCAC helped to defeat preemption legislation known as the "Petland Bill," which would have barred municipalities from banning the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores in Tennessee.

2018: Friends of WCAC worked with the Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen on an ordinance, sponsored by Alderman Bev Burger, to ban the retail sale of puppy mill dogs within city limits. Franklin was the first city in Tennessee to introduce, and the second city to pass, such an ordinance. 

2019: Friends of WCAC was again part of a large coalition of organizations and advocates that defeated a "Petland Bill" for a second time. Additionally, Friends supported state legislation sponsored by Rep. Sam Whitson, that banned the use of paraphernalia used in cockfighting. The bill became law in July 2019.

2013: Friends of WCAC was an integral part of the coalition to successfully defeat harmful Ag-Gag legislation, which would have criminalized whistle blowers who report animal abuse in agriculture.

State Activism via Non-lobbying Efforts

One of the first projects of Friends of Williamson County Animal Center was to revise the rules and regulations pertaining to dogs and cats in Williamson County, Tennessee.    FWCAC took great care to make sure animals were protected under the law.  The existing structure was revised and strengthened to what it is today.  Click here to read the regulations!

Rules and Regulations Handbook

Our Public Policy committee works with the Williamson County Government to revise and strengthen rules and regulations regarding animal care.