Unfortunately, another Petland Bill has been introduced for this year’s legislative session. If passed, this bill would ban local pet store ordinances that prevent the retail sale of puppy mill dogs, like the one we just worked so hard to pass in Franklin.

FOR EVERYONE IN TN: Please call Speaker Glen Casada’s office at 615-741-4389 and State Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson’s office at 615-741-2495 and politely ask them to use their influence in leadership to stand up for puppy mill dogs by **killing** the Petland Bill.

FOR WILLIAMSON CO. PEOPLE: If you live in these House districts, please call your representative as well and ask them to protect the Franklin pet store ordinance by **opposing** the Petland Bill.

District 61 / Brandon Ogles: 615-741-6808
District 65 / Sam Whitson: 615-741-1864

Outside Williamson County? There’s a link in the comments to find your legislators.

We fought this off once before, and we can do it again. Let’s do it.💪💪

In 2013, we joined others to successfully fight against the passage of the Animal Cruelty and Abuse bill (also referred to as the Ag-Gag bill).  The bill would have deterred investigation into animal cruelty cases by reducing the number of undercover videos that help stop instances of abuse.  We actively watch the bills going through our state Congress to prevent any similar laws from going into effect.

Rules and Regulations Handbook

Our Public Policy committee works with the Williamson County Government to revise and strengthen rules and regulations regarding animal care.

State Activism via Non-lobbying Efforts

Friends of WCAC

Supporting Williamson County Animal Center

One of the first projects of Friends of Williamson County Animal Center was to revise the rules and regulations pertaining to dogs and cats in Williamson County, Tennessee.    FWCAC took great care to make sure animals were protected under the law.  The existing structure was revised and strengthened to what it is today.  Click here to read the regulations!