Friends of WCAC

Supporting Williamson County Animal Center

Sun tunnels capture natural light from the roof to the adoption spaces providing bright sunlight to the animals.  The pictures on the left show how bright the tunnels are without any artificial lighting.  This provides the animals with as much light as possible and helps regulate their circadian rhythms.

Our Direct Shelter Support Committee provides various kinds of support to Williamson County Animal Center that helps to maintain our best-in-class euthanasia rate,  develops and grows proactive programs and fosters highest quality of staff and animal care.  We contribute monetary resources and volunteer time in response to  these goals. 

Meow Manor is one of our most recent projects completed for Williamson County Animal Center.  It is a fabulous free-roaming cat room inside the lobby  where felines big and small can move freely while waiting to be adopted.  We raised funds during the 2015 Big Payback hosted by the Community Foundation of Middle TN and received a grant from PetSmart and the CW show "Save Our Shelter."  

Meow Manor

  • Monthly medical assistance
  • Funding of a second vet tech position
  • Multi-level cat cage
  • Transport fees to relocate shelter animals to other parts of the country
  • ​Emergency/Overflow kennel runs
  • Equine facility

Other Areas of Support

Why should only the dogs go outside?  FWCAC oversaw the re-design and construction of the cat porch, affectionately referred to as the "catio".  Built by volunteers, cats can now spend time enjoying fresh air away from the dog runs!

Outdoor Cat Porch

Sun Tunnels