Ashley Tucker Cunnyngham
Board  Member; Community Volunteer
Dana Ausbrooks
Board Member; Current County Commissioner for the 12th District 

Andrew Menzyk
​Board Member; Community Volunteer
Emily Magid

Board Member; Community Volunteer

Arthur Mader
Board Member; Community Volunteer

Judy Hayes
Board Member; Community Volunteer

Carole Horlacher
Board Member; Community Volunteer

Who We Are

Lisa Carson
Board Member; Partner at Buerger, Moseley and Carson, PLC

Ann Logan
​Board Chair; Community Volunteer
Williamson County is recognized as a progressive community where animals are valued and live in harmony with humans. This is achieved through the enlightened support and responsiveness of both its citizens and its government. The Animal Control program is the best-in-class and known throughout the state and the nation as a model for its low euthanasia rate, proactive programs, and high quality of staff and animal care.

Our Vision

Our mission is to promote and support quality of life for all animals and the humans who care about them by ensuring a compassionate environment and humane treatment for the animals of Williamson County.

Our mission focuses on three general areas: 

  1. to provide support to Williamson County Animal Center
  2. to increase community awareness regarding animal welfare, and
  3. to support/initiate legislation and policies that provide compassionate treatment of animals.

Our Mission

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Ondrea Johnson
Board Member; Director of Williamson County Animal Center