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Local Action Alert: 

Animal protection advocates are asking the City of Franklin to pass an ordinance that would ban the sale of commercially bred (puppy mill) dogs and cats in pet stores. Studies show that 99% of the dogs sold in pet shops come from abusive puppy mills, where breeders are allowed to keep a dog in a cage barely larger than her body for her entire life. In addition to cycle of cruelty these puppy mills perpetuate, pet stores are now defrauding consumers by misleading them about the origins of the dogs they sell, as well as spreading disease that can be transmitted to humans. Over 100 people contracted campylobacter after coming in contact with puppies at pet stores last year, including two here in Tennessee.
Please stay tuned to this page, as well as Animal Advocates of Williamson County, for further updates on how you can show support for the pet store ordinance in Franklin in the coming weeks. More info on the ordinance here:

In 2013, we joined others to successfully fight against the passage of the Animal Cruelty and Abuse bill (also referred to as the Ag-Gag bill).  The bill would have deterred investigation into animal cruelty cases by reducing the number of undercover videos that help stop instances of abuse.  We actively watch the bills going through our state Congress to prevent any similar laws from going into effect.

State Activism via Non-lobbying Efforts

One of the first projects of Friends of Williamson County Animal Center was to revise the rules and regulations pertaining to dogs and cats in Williamson County, Tennessee.    FWCAC took great care to make sure animals were protected under the law.  The existing structure was revised and strengthened to what it is today.  Click here to read the regulations!

Rules and Regulations Handbook

Our Public Policy committee works with the Williamson County Government to revise and strengthen rules and regulations regarding animal care.