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Jack is now able to run and play  without pain with his friend Daisy

December 2018

Since 2011, Friends of Williamson County Animal Center (the non-profit aka Friends) has provided financial support and advocacy for our County’s shelter.  We work with the shelter director in a vital partnership, providing funding for both extraordinary, urgent needs and any need not currently covered by the program’s budget.  We’d like you to meet young and now-healthy dog Jack!  He was surrendered to the shelter crippled by a very painful hip injury that required surgery to relieve constant pain and make him adoptable.  Friends funded the specialized surgery he needed.  A volunteer then fostered him and provided the rehab essential for his recovery!  Jack now lives “the life.”  He goes on walks every day, loves time at the dog park and rides in the car whenever his new mom can take him.  Jack’s story is the story of Friends….providing “extra” funding when needed to make our shelter animals healthy, happy and ready for adoption!

Our shelter maintains a best-in-class 96+% save rate, despite our growing population and a policy of turning no County animal away.  Our County has purchased land for a new shelter and plans to start “moving dirt” in the following months.  As exciting as that is, many animals must be cared for as we build.

This year over 4,300 animals will come into our shelter.  Friends and shelter staff & volunteers share a goal of providing each one with love, medical care or expertise to address behavioral issues…whatever is needed.  WCAC is also responsible for securing compassionate, lawful treatment of County animals who never come into the shelter.  Friends provides support to accomplish these daunting tasks…one animal at a time. 

While we are grateful that many animals are in loving homes, we hope you share our passion for being a champion of the vulnerable animals who are not.  If you do, would you make a tax-deductible donation now and become a Friend? 

You may send your check to Friends of WCAC, 9318 Lake Shore Drive, Brentwood, TN 27027 or

visit our website at www.friendsofwcac.comand click on the PayPal donate tab.  If you know others who might want to donate, please forward this letter.  If you’d like to honor or memorialize a person or a pet, give us those details, including the name and address where we can send an acknowledgement of your gift.  Donors like you make our gifts to the shelter possible!

We wish you and your furry family members a healthy, joyful holiday season!

For the animals,

Ann Logan


Ann Logan, President of Friends of WCAC


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