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And speaking of "purr",

do you know why cats do it?

And may we present our beautiful 

Cat of the Week:  FINN

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Look at this face!! The beauty mark and everything...we can’t even. Don’t you want to add some style to your life? Finn is a gorgeous 3 year old who is good with other cats but kids and dogs are not in his list of Likes. He is a great cat who is waiting for someone with a relatively quiet home to come and realize he is perfect for them. He does like to play and get pets. Please come and see if that is you!

Are you ready to meet your match at Williamson County Animal Center? 

We strive to create a community where animals are valued and live in harmony with humans. Success depends on the growing awareness and responsiveness of our citizens and government. For example, our Pet Food Bank ...

We value animals.

A bit shy but I get along with other cats

We initiate and support legislation and policies concerning the treatment of domestic animals through non-lobbying efforts.  For example, the 2013 Ag-Gag bill ...

We provide various kinds of support to Williamson County Animal Center that helps to maintain our best-in-class euthanasia rate, develops and grows proactive programs and fosters highest quality of staff and animal care. We contribute monetary resources and volunteer time in response to these goals. For example, medical assistance...
We work to nurture the human-animal bond through community outreach, education, and public policy. 
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I love being petted!

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has designated
October as ADOPT A SHELTER DOG MONTH to promote the adoption of shelter dogs.
Friends joins them in calling attention to the many, many wonderful dogs waiting for adoption in
local shelters…especially our own Williamson County Animal Center (WCAC).
According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year.
There are
countless reasons that people surrender their animals to a shelter or simply abandon them,
hopefully to be found and brought to the shelter. Though it is always sad when a pet was not
fortunate enough to be in a loving, lifetime home at the beginning of his/her life, giving them a
2 nd chance becomes our goal from that first day!
All the animals that enter our shelter are given the time to be evaluated and to receive loads of
love and attention, as well as whatever medical or behavioral care they need. That
extraordinary care is usually funded by Friends. This means that not only are our animals very
well-cared for, but staff and volunteers know a lot about them by the time they’re available for
adoption. When you come to look for a lifetime companion for yourself and your family, the knowledge
that staff and volunteers have is an exceptional and valuable benefit to your final adoption decision.
One thing that all who adopt shelter dogs say is that they show their gratitude every day for that
2 nd chance. For every ounce of love we show them, they return it ten-fold. When you choose the
right shelter dog for you, giving them a lifetime home will be one of the most rewarding
experiences you ever had!
Life with a shelter dog who wants only to be with you, is unconditional in their love and thinks
you are the most wonderful being on the planet is truly a gift. At first, you may think that you are
giving them a great gift—and you are—but in time, you will likely feel that it’s really the other way around!
For your sake and that of a shelter dog, please make our shelter your first stop when you’re
ready to adopt! Since this month we’re focusing on dogs, let us show you pictures of some of
the dogs that are available for adoption in our shelter.

For the animals,Ann Logan

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